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OEB speaker Jens Greefe

Jens Greefe

Director of Studies, EADL European Association for Distance Learning, Germany

Jens Greefe is the Director of Studies at the ILS in Hamburg, Germanys biggest distance learning provider, educating app. 70.000 students in more than 300 distance courses. He is responsible for the development and the organization of the course programs and for the quality management of the ILS
He holds a diploma in Economics and is chairman of the Research & Development Committee of EADL since 2014. From 2012 until 2020 Jens Greefe was Vice president of the german association for distance learning “Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter” formerly named “Forum Distance Learning”.
Since 2021 he is member of the Global Advisory Board of the OEB Online Educa Berlin
Since 2022 Jens Greefe is member of the board of "Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter".