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OEB speaker Philippe André Royer

Philippe André Royer

Cabinet K/Shaping, Germany

Dr Philippe André Royer, born in Dunkirk, France, studied psycho-pedagogic and social psychology at the University of Lille and holds a PhD in Social & Cognitive Sciences from the Technical University Berlin.

He has all-round professional experiences in educational and IT assessment projects, pedagogic media edition, marketing and communication.

In the 1990s he worked as a Managing Director for TVFF — Coordination Center Technology Impact and Assessment Research (Senate of Berlin) and for the venture capital group Bmp AG. He was EU expert and member of the steering committee of Telecities. He pushed through intense networking activities, the development of the information society and the net economy in Europe.

In 2003, Dr Royer established the office of Cabinet K/Shaping Strategic Forecasting and Knowledge Design (Berlin and Lille). He focuses his activities on public and private clients in France and Germany.

His special fields of investigation are the assessment of the knowledge society's public/private strategies, the management of social networks as intelligence tools, and knowledge management for public affairs, the optimization of Creative & Cultural Industries (C.C.I.) for SME and regional development.

In 2008, he founded Zénon 3000 – an operative platform for the re-emergence of cultural projects and the development of C.C.I. into the industrial sector of French Flanders (Dunkirk)

Since 2015 he tries to initiate a network with the focus on development of an open digital learning environment for the integration of refugees in Europe (language rapid learning and transmitting cultural values  apps) and also a platform performing against political / Islamist radicalization by young people.

He also lectured at several academic management institutes and business schools in France.


Public Affairs and social networking management, social & intercultural tools apps, corporate knowledge design, evaluation of educational and innovation policies, scouting, think/do tank management.

Members of advisory board of Online Educa Berlin, Aquitaine Europe communication (Bordeaux)