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22 – 24, 2023

OEB speaker Patrick Pennefather

Patrick Pennefather

assistant professor, The University of British Columbia, Canada

I am an Assistant Professor co-appointed with UBC Theatre and Film and at the Master of Digital Media Program in Vancouver Canada, teaching, mentoring, supervising graduate and undergraduate students, and conducting research on phenomena related to the experiences of extended realities. Every course that I teach has some element of project-based learning that is integrated either on its own or in collaboration with other courses and colleagues. I have mentored/supervised over 200 graduate students on 45 client-based digital media projects, many of them Mixed Reality Projects. My current teaching, workshopping and project supervision within immersive technologies, creativity, sound, human-centered design and improvisation can be defined as Mixed Reality and virtual experiences.

In all project-based learning courses, my goal is to support learners in developing 21st Century skills and competencies that continue to build on their innate capacities to be creative, collaborative and manage their own learning. Learner interactions are informed by ongoing research into collaborative practices, project-based learning, mentoring, self-regulation, rapid prototyping, agile software development, and a commitment to bridging the gap between what I design and teach, with what is requested by a rapidly changing, team-based digital media industry.