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22 – 24, 2023

OEB speaker Inge de Waard

Inge de Waard

Sr. Learning Strategist & Connector, EIT INNOENERGY and Secret Shakers, Belgium

Inge is a senior learning strategist, longtime researcher, award-winning learning innovator and (e)Learning coordinator. She developed multiple online and hybrid courses, she coaches and co-creates international, blended curricula with engineers and teachers, and explores new, innovative learning formats. Her expertise has been recognised by peers, resulting in additional co-authored papers, invited talks and keynotes in both academic and professional conferences, workshops and seminars. But most of all, she likes to connect, listen and share stories.
Her latest projects are: an EU Cross-KIC project looking at AI skills for professionals, matching skill gaps to AI courses (; and an initiative gathering stories of professionals beyond 50, 70, 70 ... who reignited their careers later in life ( These two projects fit within the goal of diversity, ensuring a tailored, lifelong learning journey to professionals of all ages.