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22 – 24, 2023

OEB speaker Herculano Rebordao

Herculano Rebordao

Managing Director, Clouts

Herculano studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems at IST – Technical University of Lisbon, and he holds a Master Degree in e-learning Pedagogy at the Portuguese Open University. He has been involved in e-learning projects since 1998 and is regarded as a pioneer in this area in Portugal. Herculano has spent the last 12 years designing, developing and delivering e-learning solutions for large corporate clients. He is a founder of the network PT Learning Working Group, having integrated the coordination team. Currently he works in the Technical Commission of the Portuguese Institute of Quality, which sets the standard and accompanying Portuguese Quality training and e-learning - NP4512. He is the CEO of Clouts, where Mentora was created.