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OEB speaker Søren Vrist Christensen

Søren Vrist Christensen

Pedagogical coordinator and lecturer, Marselisborg Gymnasium, Denmark

Søren Vrist Christensen is a lecturer and the Pedagogical coordinator at Marselisborg Gymnasium, Denmark. In recent years, he has given presentations to a number of companies, organizations and associations on how to practice student-activating teaching based on contemporary approaches such as flipped classroom, IT didactics, EdTech, agent-based modeling, gamification, MOOCs, and cooperative learning. He offers talks at high schools, for colleges, various teacher organizations, and university teachers. He has also done lectures and been part of table discussions at different learning conferences.

He is typically invited to give presentations for the purpose of showing how new theories and up-to-date approaches can be concretized and made tangible in the classroom and how difficult concepts can be made usable in the daily teaching for the benefit of the students.