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OEB speaker Ruby Salvatore

Ruby Salvatore

Business Development Manager, efiport GmbH

Ruby is efiport’s Business Development Manager. In-company growth is her personal mission, and her methods of choice are communication and learning and development programmes across disciplines and technologies.

efiport GmbH is a research and development company that offers technology-supported education solutions. Ruby’s work at efiport has contributed to the development of new services, such as the Managed Training Services portfolio and of new software solutions in an organisational learning and university context.

Ruby has always placed learning and education front and center. From tightening the nuts and bolts of a Master programme to building narratives that bring efiport’s software solutions to market, she has always worked together with the learners to create meaningful educational experiences. As a lifelong learner, Ruby is always curious about how technology is changing the education landscape.

After completing her bachelor’s degree at Smith College, Ruby attended Quantic School of Business & Technology, where she got her EMBA and connected with students from around the world.

She hosts bi-monthly hybrid Meetups around EdTech & Organizational Technology in the Frankfurt School AI Lab in Frankfurt, Germany.