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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



OEB speaker Nele Graf

Nele Graf

Professor of Human Resources and Organisational Development, University of Applied Management (UAM), Germany

Prof. Dr. Nele Graf is a researcher, entrepreneur, speaker and author in the field of human resource development.

At the University of Applied Management she leads the Competence Centre for Innovations & Quality in Leadership & Learning (CILL) , which conducts research on corporate learning, learning competencies and leadership for the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, among others.

In addition, she teaches on the topic of human resources at the University of Applied Management in Berlin.

As managing director of Mentus GmbH, she advises companies on future-oriented personnel, organisational and management development.

Nele Graf is a recognised expert and author on the topic of agile learning and trainer of agile learning coaches.