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OEB speaker Herwig Rehatschek

Herwig Rehatschek

Vice head executive department teaching with media, Medical University of Graz, Austria

Dr. Herwig Rehatschek studied Computer Science and Electronics and received his M.Sc. and his Ph.D. from the University of Technology, Graz. From 1997 until 2008 he worked at the non-profit research company JOANNEUM RESEARCH. His main emphasis was on eLearning and digital media analysis. He participated in many international EC projects and also managed and co-ordinated some of them. In 1999 Dr. Rehatschek won the Austrian state price in the category learning, knowledge and culture. In 2008 he joined the Medical University of Graz with the main responsibility for the development of the eLearning platform of the university. Since then he was actively involved in the set-up and implementation of the LMS, the development of eLe17ctures, the introduction of a new virtual microscope and the design of a teacher training course (eDidactics – He won in 2012 the Dr. Michael Hasiba price for innovative teaching and in 2017 the Austrian state price „Ars Docendi“ for innovative teaching in the category “innovative teaching models having a huge number of students” by implementing a non-linear-story telling concept within first aid and emergency medicine. In 2017 he started a pilot trial with a new lecture recording system. Until begin of 2018 one hundred recordings were online and available to all students of the university. In 2019 a new software platform for the lecture recording system was introduced which also offered a video portal functionality. In 2020 subtitles were added and by begin of 2021 more than 1300 recordings were available.