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OEB speaker Barbara Flügge

Barbara Flügge

Chief Resilience & Services Officer, digital value creators (DVC) Ltd., Switzerland

A digitization and resilience management consultant with a worldwide reputation for ecosystem-wide transformation and business model implementation, Dr. Flügge applies 20+ years of c-suite experience with industry and technology leaders (SAP, Telekom, BMW, Volkswagen, Montblanc, Ariba, Transnet), of complex ecosystems (countries, cities, ports). She consults SDG projects for vulnerable groups, smart cities and regions. Dr. Barbara is an inspiring keynote speaker (MWC, Smart Cities Expo), bestselling author and trendscout. Through digital value creators (DVC) product based companies scale faster digitally. Her Mobility Moves Minds research over 2.5 years investigated the individual and organizational resiliency.