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OEB speaker Annabell Busch

Annabell Busch

Senior Solution Engineer , Blackboard Europe

Annabell Busch (Maître ès Lettres, Mag.phil.) joined Blackboard in early 2013 as a Solutions Engineer and brings almost 20 years of experience in implementing IT infrastructures and e-learning solutions. In this role, she supports institutions and partner companies in the use of EdTech solutions and helps them with pedagogical and strategic challenges.
Based in Vienna, she works with higher education institutions in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria as well as parts of Africa, addressing a variety of contexts in higher education and corporate training.
She combines deep functional knowledge of the Blackboard solutions portfolio and the EdTech landscape with pedagogical expertise gained over years in the field. She has supported numerous clients in Europe with their digital transformation. Previously, she was responsible for e-learning at the University of Vienna for almost ten years and helped build up the e-learning infrastructure from scratch. She holds a Master in Humanities and Media Studies from the University of Vienna and a Master of Arts from the Sorbonne Paris 4.