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OEB speaker Tanja Halttunen

Tanja Halttunen

Axxell Utbildning Ab, Finland

I begun my career at Yrkesinstitutet Sydväst, a Finland-Swedish vocational collage, in 2000 as a teacher. When Yrkesinstitutet Sydväst merged into Axxell Vocational College in 2008, I was given the task to develop an international strategy that would enable equal rights to students and staff members to take part in international mobilities. I was also included in the task of developing tools/methodologies that would help Axxell involve employers and work mentors in the work of developing a modern pedagogy answering the needs of the labour market. During my years as Expert of International Affairs, I have been managing several European project focusing on improving/updating students´and teachers´skills and thus making sure that Axxell reasponds to the needs and demands of the working life.  

In 2018 I begun managing an Erasmus+ KA2 project called @email in which I collaborate with VET providers and employers in Finland, UK, Iceland, Netherlands and France. The aim of this projectcollaboration is to develop tools and methodologies that help @email and employers to start collaborating and developing a joint pedagogy that provides students with the needed 21st century skills




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