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OEB speaker Patrick Parrish

Patrick Parrish

World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland

Patrick Parrish is Chief of Training Activities Division in the Education and Training Office of the World Meteorological Organization, in Geneva, Switzerland. He has been an instructional designer and training manager for 25 years, with a primary focus on distance learning solutions. In 2008 he earned a PhD in Education with an emphasis on the design of engaging learning experiences, and has published many journal articles and book chapters on related topics. For 20 years, he worked with the COMET Program in the development of education and training resources in meteorology and other geosciences topics, primarily for professional continuing education, before coming to WMO in 2012.

Patrick’s work is driven by a fascination with the processes of learning and the challenges of training, particularly the challenge of engaging learners with intrinsically motivating learning experiences. His current efforts include promoting and guiding the use of eLearning solutions for education and professional development for weather, climate, and hydrologic forecasters and related professions.