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OEB speaker Oleksandr Sudarkin

Oleksandr Sudarkin

MIM Business School, Ukraine

Alexander graduated from the Odessa State Economic University with a degree in marketing in 1999. During the time at the university, Alexander took several leadership positions in the local committee of AIESEC in Odessa, an international students’ association that facilitates international student exchanges.   After the graduation, Alexander started a tourist business and worked at the Odessa Regional Investment Promotion Bureau as a consultant.

Combining experience in the investment promotion and tourism fields Alexander had defended a Ph.D. thesis in environmental economics on methods of evaluation of economic and ecological attractiveness of recreational territories in 2007.

Alexander had participated in several EU sponsored projects as a local expert in business development and education for businesses. After having a 2-year contract in a modern construction company (EcoReed Int) Alexander went back to be an educational expert.

Now Alexander has a position of a tenure associate professor, an MBA program director and a pre-MBA program director at MIM-Kyiv Business School. He also runs an eLearning Lab at MIM-Kyiv.

Alexander is a guest professor with courses on communication and leadership for the Diplomatic Academy of MFA of Ukraine.