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November 30 – December 4

OEB speaker Lyonel Kaufmann

Lyonel Kaufmann

HEP Vaud, Switzerland

After having been a teacher at Secondary I in history, French, geography, a trainer in history didactics and a member of the pedagogical council of the Séminaire Pédagogique de l'Enseignement Secondaire, I am currently Associate HEP Professor in history didactics and citizenship education since the creation of HEP Vaud.

Doctor of Letters from the University of Lausanne since 2013, my thesis is devoted to the authority of discourse in Vaud school textbooks. It is entitled Autorité du discours - Discours d'autorité: les manuels d'histoire vaudois (1938-1998)

Following on from my thesis, my work in history didactics focuses on the issues of multiperspectivity in the teaching of the history of one's own country.

The other axes of my reflections and researches concern the use and use of media (films, video games) and technologies (Web 2.0) in teaching and interactions to public history.

For the past two years, my work has focused on the possible links between computational and historical thinking and the place of doing (Maker) in the teaching of history. Overall, the question of digital skills in history teaching occupies an important place in my reflections and research.