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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



OEB speaker Jef Staes

Jef Staes

Red Monkey Company, Belgium

Jef Staes (Belgium, 1956) is an authority and thought leader on learning processes, innovation and culture change. With decennia of professional experience, he currently assists CEO’s and managers to find a comprehensive answer to the changing dynamics of today’s market. Jef does not shy away from confrontation! With a vast range of new insights and metaphors, he illustrates why managers and policymakers often reach the wrong decisions and even obstruct change processes.

Jef answers a crucial question: “Why don’t organisations learn and innovate fast enough?”. Based on his career as a software designer (GTE ATEA in Belgium & USA), training Manager and Corporate Learning Officer (Siemens, Belgium), he not only awakens people, but also presents them with a unique concept to guide them through the necessary changes.

He is a passionate and inspirational keynote speaker and author. His story is a guaranteed eye-opener and his thoughts on the future of business and education inspire many. With striking metaphors, he tackles the most fundamental issues organisations struggle with.