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23 – 25


OEB speaker Wei Cui

Wei Cui

Co-founder & Chief Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning

Dr. Wei Cui is a co-founder and Chief Scientist of Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group, the leading AI + adaptive education innovator at the forefront of AI revolution. Squirrel AI Learning has established more than 2, 300 learning centres in China within 5 years, and is included in the TOP 20 Chinese AI Unicorn Companies in 2019.

Dr. Cui led the development of Squirrel AI intelligent adaptive learning system, the pioneering AI-powered adaptive learning system for K-12 students in China, which has been proved to achieve a better effect at teaching than expert human-teachers in a series of certified human-vs-AI competitions.

Dr. Cui holds a PhD and was a postdoctoral fellow in artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed academic papers and articles in areas of AI, agent-based modelling, complex adaptive system, quantitative finance and AI education.

Dr. Cui was awarded MIT Technology Review "35 Innovators Under 35 China” in 2018.



Session PLE101