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The global, cross-sector conference on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021

OEB speaker Thor Ellegaard Hansen

Thor Ellegaard Hansen

EdTech Denmark and UCL University of Applied Sciences, Denmark

A self-proclaimed geek, with a passion for future learning. Thor is a consultant and project manager at one of the biggest University Colleges in Denmark. His passion for future learning, defines the projects he is involved in.

Digitalization of the educational sector

Digitalization of education is a process of ensuring quality and differentiation for all learning. Access to great teachers, a passionate community, and all the knowledge in the world. These are some of the professional goals, that define Thor’s work within the Danish educational sector.

Learning Analytics in the Danish higher education sector

Thor is currently working with teacher, students and data-analysts. On a Learning Analytics project, concerning student behavior and activity online. This project started as a strategic milestone, on a cross-organizational level. But has now, fertilized a new way of talking about the praxis of learning.


Thor is also the Vice Chairman, of EdTech-Denmark. EdTech-Denmark is a union for learning and technology. With a vision of fostering collaboration and engagement among stakeholders within education, EdTech companies, startups, Corporates, Research and NGO's. EdTech-Denmark strives to be a clear voice in shaping the society of tomorrow and make Denmark an international frontrunner within the fields of lifelong learning and human learning technologies.


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