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OEB speaker Rebecca Stromeyer

Rebecca Stromeyer

Conference Chair OEB, Founder of eLearning Africa, Germany

Rebecca Stromeyer, a globally recognised leader in the field of digital learning, EdTech and international education, has been a driving force in shaping the landscape of online learning, education and training. As the Managing Director and Founder of ICWE GmbH and co-founder and co-owner of ICEF GmbH since 1991, her vision and leadership have been essential in establishing the events founded by these organisations as global leaders in their respective fields.

Rebecca's groundbreaking work in digital learning is epitomised by her co-founding and leading OEB Global since its inception in 1995 , and other similar initiatives with a global impact such as the launch of ONLINE EDUCA MADRID in 2000  and similar events in Iceland 2017, Russia 2015, Singapore 1997, Korea 1996, for the Arab world in 2003 and the founding 
of eLearning Africa in 2005.

Her advisory role extends to international organisations, and she has been an active member of various boards, including the International Council on Badges and Credentials and the Drucker Society. Her tenure as Vice-Chair of the Global Business School Network and her involvement with the Global Development Learning Network showcase her commitment to global education development.

In 2012, Rebecca launched the eLearning Africa Report, solidifying her status as a key voice in ICT and digital learning. Her continued efforts are instrumental in shaping the future of education and skills development worldwide, driven by her vision of a more connected and educated global community.