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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021

OEB speaker Jane Daly

Jane Daly

Towards Maturity, UK

As a Learning & OD strategist and expert analyst, Jane leads Towards Maturity's dynamic strategic insight unit and analyst services portfolio. She is a leading influencer in the People industry and champions the voice of People Development professionals. Jane has led and transformed all areas of OD, Talent, Learning & Development.

She leads a number of high-profile client portfolios, educating senior leaders to understand the power of evidence-based learning and insights that uncover why people do and don't learn effectively, so that they can transform their guidance of people, impact their learning & performance culture to bring a competitive edge to their organisation.

Before joining Towards Maturity, Jane was the Global Head of Learning & Development for Marks & Spencer and created an award-winning business-led Academy model to impact business performance and mitigate critical capability risks. Since leaving M&S Jane has supported over 1,000 global organisations to transform their impact.


Session LTG129