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OEB speaker Inge De Waard

Inge De Waard

InnoEnergy SE and The Open University UK, Belgium

Inge de Waard (PhD) is currently leading the learning part of an InnoEnergy project that alleviates skill and competency gaps by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI, specifically Natural Language Processing), Human Resources (HR), learning analytics to provide a personalised learning trajectory (including micro-credits, blockchain in education, informal and formal learning options...). This project combines the expertise of people working at InnoEnergy, The Open University (UK), FutureLearn and many European University partners working on renewable energy.

Since 1999, Inge has set-up, coordinated and developed several innovative online, blended and mobile learning projects, always with a focus on participation and durability. These projects involved partners and individuals from both the Northern (Canada, United States, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, UK) and Southern regions (South-Africa, India, Peru, Morocco). As an avid enthusiast of open science, she is an active international speaker giving keynotes and guest lectures, as well as providing and receiving knowledge input through seminars, SIGs and workshops.   

Enlightened by the first connectivist MOOCs, she set up the first MOOC on mobile learning, called MobiMOOC (2011 & 2012). This was a community and project-oriented MOOC, enabling international learners to realize their own project by the end of the MOOC.

Her core sentiment on learning is: “I have come to realize that there is no single solution for all. The diversity which is at the core of nature’s success, is replicated by the diversity in learning preferences and ways to achieve learning success in humans”. She loves to exchange ideas, so feel free to talk to her.