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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

OEB speaker Carin de Weme

Carin de Weme

AkzoNobel, The Netherlands

The field of Learning & Development has always been my passion and as Senior Global L&D adviser for AkzoNobel I have the opportunity to make a change in the way our employees perform and how they enjoy growing at AkzoNobel.

I have been in charge of setting up the Health, Safety & Environment Faculty to make sure our employees go home safely, but also enjoy the way they learn to be safe at their job. Learning while working has been key for this as well as making sure our license to operate programs are reaching the right change in behavior.
After a few years I had the opportunity to broaden my scope to other Functions and programs where I could extend my impact by implementing all kinds of different approaches to learning from learning on-the-job, virtual learning, social learning, evaluating learning and the way we run the training admin side of the company.

In my current role in the AkzoNobel Academy I'm responsible for raising the L&D knowledge level in the company, implementing a new LMS system, creating and implementing a new L&D operating model, designing and developing strategic business program and thinking about the future of work. A great role to share my passion for learning and to have a real impact in the company by making sure every employee has the possibility to develop in a great impactful way.

My background as a primary school teacher and a L&D consultant helps me every day in working with others and to transfer the message of L&D which is meaningful, impactful and is what the employee likes and needs. Therefore I have also started writing LinkedIn articles to share projects I have done and share my learnings to helps others. Sharing knowledge is key in spreading the learning message!


Session LTG210