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OEB speaker Pål Simen Hem

Pål Simen Hem

Educational Technology Strategist, Nettskolen Vestfold, Norway

Speaker has 20-years of teaching experience within ICT. He is in the process of completing his master's thesis on interactional design and practice in virtual classrooms.


Electronics engineer, 3 year, 1987

Business economy, 1 year, 1997

Coaching and Human Resource Development, 1 year, 2002

Post Graduate Certificate in Education, 1 year, 2005

ICT-studies, 1,5 year, 2014

Teached in both private and public schools. Part-time Educational Technology Strategist for 8 years and full-time for the last 2 years.

Presently employed at Nettskolen Vestfold. Nettskolen Vestfold is a government-owned initiative in the county of Vestfold, Southern Norway. We provide a technological solution which combines virtual real-time lessons with flipped classroom didactics in the form of data driven e-­learning platforms. We provide courses in foreign languages. This will provide students with more choice and differentiated learning. We also provide courses in mathematics at various levels in order to provide high achieving students a fastlane track through high school as well as exam­focused courses. We believe we have expertise in virtual teaching in real-time, training teachers to become engaging online teachers and make them experts at using data driven knowledge drawn from e­-learning platforms. We believe our proposal will fit this year’s conference theme of Learning to Love Learning, as the presentation demonstrates how to develop teachers’ professional competence. The research presented will shed light on development practices for virtual teachers to enhance their teaching and thus love their job even more