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OEB speaker Märt Aro

Märt Aro

DreamApply, Estonia

Since 2004 Märt has co-founded 3 NGO’s and 4 companies in education development.

Märt is passionate about internationalization of education, as he believes that studying abroad is very important for one’s self-development.

Business wise Märt is currently dedicated on Student Admission Platform that he co-founded in 2011. is used by more than 200 universities from across 30 countries. By now the platform has served over 600 000 students’ applications to full degree studies, student exchange and scholarship programmes.

In 2016 Märt established the Nordic EdTech Forum which brings together founders of education innovation organisations and companies from across 8 Northern European countries with the aim of improving learning experience to everybody, globally.

He also enjoys doing education development and internationalisation consultations/trainings on university and national level.

Märt also is a proud father of two lovely sons Aston (11) and Hasse Kristjan (9).