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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

OEB speaker Jef  Staes

Jef Staes

Red Monkey, Belgium

“Why don’t organisations learn and innovate fast enough?”

Jef Staes offers an answer to this question. As a thought leader in the fields of learning and innovation management, he analyses the way in which people resist and even obstruct change processes. And Jef does not shy away from confrontation! With a vast range of new insights and metaphors, he illustrates why managers and policymakers often reach the wrong decisions.


Jef Staes (Belgium, 1956) is one of the leading experts on these topics in Belgium and is quickly gaining international respect for his energizing mindset. He currently assists organizations in their quest to find a comprehensive answer and approach to the changing dynamics of today’s world. Based on his career as a software designer (GTE ATEA in Belgium & USA), training Manager and Corporate Learning Officer (Siemens, Belgium), he gained practical insights in the dynamics of organizational development.


Jef Staes is often the keynote speaker on various topics concerning culture innovation and this for a diverse audience (conferences, education, in-company, ...). He has given hundreds of keynotes, both in English and Dutch. Furthermore, he’s a visiting lecturer at several Management schools (Vlerick, UAMS, EHSAL). His refreshing stories are guaranteed eye-openers and his new look at the role of managers has inspired many.


He is also the author of a number of books on the topics of innovation and change management. One of which, “My Organisation is a Jungle”, was also translated to English. Through the use of rich metaphors and exciting parallels, he truly engages you in the story of the Red Monkey. Other books in the series, “My Manager is a Hero” & "I was a Sheep" continue the story and are often featured in Jef's speeches. All books have been bestselling publications with over 15.000 copies sold.


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