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Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

OEB speaker Guenter Podlacha

Guenter Podlacha

GIZ - Academy for International Cooperation, Germany

My name is Guenter Podlacha, and I am heading the divison Global Knowledge Sharing & Learning at Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ) of GIZ GmbH - German Development Cooperation.

17 years ago - then in stoneage of the Web - I started with online information systems, virtual communication & networking, e-learning, and e-coaching.

My special interests are [e-]learning methodology and management, and the interface wo/men and ICT, where I am often mediating between users and ICT systems, and especially the Internet.

In my first life I was exploring the nature, working as ranger and scientist in natural resource management - that's still more than a hobby.