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OEB speaker Daniel R. Schneider

Daniel R. Schneider

Project Leader and Lead Developer, ETH Zurich Educational Development and Technology (LET), Switzerland

Daniel R. Schneider is currently project leader and lead developer for Safe Exam Browser (SEB) at the Center for Educational Development and Technology at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). In this position, Daniel is coordinating technical aspects, public relations and contacts to other institutions using the open source application SEB. As software developer he is also responsible for design, implementation and further development of SEB. Safe Exam Browser is an open source software application used to secure Windows and Mac OS computers in the context of online examinations. The SEB project raised the awareness that e-assessments and online examinations can be conducted without expensive commercial products; download numbers are constantly growing and SEB is used by numerous universities and other institutions all around the world, including the USA, Australia, India, Israel, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands and various other European countries.