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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

OEB speaker Clément Régnier

Clément Régnier

TestWe, France

Clément is Chief Executive Officer at TestWe. TestWe develops digital exam/assessment solutions in a secure and offline environment. 

In a past life, Clement was attorney at law in New-York. Knowing both French and American educational system, he realized that even thought digital is widely used by students in their every day life - and in their futur professional life - digital is still not a standard to take an exam. 

At TestWe we strongly believe that digital tools can enhance the learning experience and the testing experience. Indeed, digital allows to create exercices and tests as close to reality as possible by using videos, sounds, and pictures. The only limit is then imagination. 

Clement focuses on thinking on what will be the exam of tomorrow and how exams will be taken.