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OEB speaker Anca Iordache

Anca Iordache

Learning & Development Consultant, Citibank, Switzerland

Anca is the EMEA Head of Social Learning & Collaboration at Citi.

In her everyday work, Anca helps Citi employees and teams across the region become more effective at how they learn and perform. She creates value by enabling better conversations and collaboration at all levels of the organization.

Anca has been with Citi for almost 15 years, and together with her team, she is currently leading the workplace learning evolution, with coaching and collaborative social learning at its heart. (If you are curious to find out more follow Anca on Twitter and explore some of her work on #BeMore).

Anca spends a significant part of her time and energy helping our leaders utilizing new learning and collaboration technologies and platforms, as well as advising on large scale culture and change initiatives. 

A Romanian-born, global citizen, she brings listening, curiosity and creativity to everything she does, including raising her two boys, learning, communication  and collaboration work at Citi.