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OEB speaker Marie Dysgaard Christiansen

Marie Dysgaard Christiansen

Teacher - adjunkt - assistant Professor, KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Denmark

Marie graduated as a designer in Visual Communication from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Design in 2006; She has had 3 children books published through the prestigious publishing house, Lindhardt and Ringhof, and received a scholarship from the Danish Arts Foundations.

Marie has been teaching art and graphic design since 2007. Her target audience has varied from primary school children, over specially challenged young people to university students at master level. At present, Marie teaches AP students of Visualization and Design at KEA.

Her experience with storytelling and ensuing the product from idea to implementation affects the way she works with Learning Design. As multimedia is the core of Marie‚Äôs present teaching, it is easy for her to incorporate different medias into her experiments with blended learning and flipped classroom. This is the subject matter that Marie will share at OEB.