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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Panel Presentation Session OPN12

The New MOOC Look: Creating Tomorrow's Digital Education Experience

From aesthetics, media design and VR video to gamification and professional development: this panel of experts will zoom in on different aspects of how to create a greater digital educational experience for learners. Let’s open up a new chapter on MOOC production.

OEB speaker Jeanine Reutemann

Jeanine Reutemann

University of Applied Sciences and Arts - The Basel School of Design, Switzerland

OEB speaker Vegard Meland

Vegard Meland

Lillehammer University of Applied Sciences - Centre for Lifelong Learning, Norway

OEB speaker Alessia Messuti

Alessia Messuti


OEB speaker Roberto M. Alvarez Bucholska

Roberto M. Alvarez Bucholska

IE Business School Publishing, Spain