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Panel Presentation Session OPN12

The New MOOC Look: Creating Tomorrow's Digital Education Experience

Date Thursday, Dec 1  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg I

From aesthetics, media design and VR video to gamification and professional development: this panel of experts will zoom in on different aspects of how to create a greater digital educational experience for learners. Let’s open up a new chapter on MOOC production.

OEB speaker Jeanine Reutemann

Jeanine Reutemann

Research Associate / Lecturer / Filmmaker, University of Applied Sciences and Arts - The Basel School of Design, Switzerland

“Affordances” of the Media: Creating a Unique Audiovisual Educational Experience

OEB speaker Vegard Meland

Vegard Meland

Project Manager, Lillehammer University of Applied Sciences - Centre for Lifelong Learning, Norway

Organisational MOOCs (oMOOC) and VR Video for Professional Development

OEB speaker Alessia Messuti

Alessia Messuti

Junior Programme Officer, ITCILO, Italy

The Game4Dev MOOC: Connecting Development Challenges and Gamification Design

OEB speaker Roberto M. Alvarez Bucholska

Roberto M. Alvarez Bucholska

Project Manager, IE Business School Publishing, Spain

Engagement in MOOCs? How Designing for Fun and Elements of Gamification Changes the Perspective


OEB speaker Inge de Waard

Inge de Waard

Researcher and Explorer, The Open University, UK