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Workplace Learning - The Closing Conversation: The Learning Futures We Choose

Date Friday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Bellevue

Amidst the dynamic flow of the OEB conference, a moment of reflection awaits – the Workplace Learning Closing Conversation.

Here, we gather to pause, share insights, and consider the strides we'll take next. In the embrace of collective wisdom, we revisit our "Aha" moments, magnify the highlights, and channel our visions into actionable steps for our workplaces. If you're not ready for the OEB journey to end, crave the wisdom of shared experiences, value reflection, or simply relish connecting and networking with peers, this closing dialogue is your haven.

Join us for a final fun, relaxed and reflective conversation, as we depart, not just home, but to catalyse change in our world.

OEB speaker Laura Overton

Laura Overton

Analyst - Explorer - Writer - Facilitator, Learning Changemakers, United Kingdom