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Presentation Panel

Renewing Our Focus on Non-replicable Skills to Outperform Machines

Date Thursday, Nov 23  Time   –    Room Bellevue

This Presentation Panel discusses the potential of generative AI to revolutionise education, the importance of creativity as a non-replicable skill, and the impact of AI on society, the economy, and the job market.

Presenters will explore the implications of AI for the education system and future skills requirements, including problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They will propose educational approaches and strategies to prepare students for the AI-driven era and emphasise the need for a deeper understanding of ourselves as learners to successfully harness the power of AI.

OEB speaker Anja C. Wagner

Anja C. Wagner

Managing Director, FROLLEINFLOW - Institute for creative flaneurs, Germany

OEB speaker Katarzyna Kowalik

Katarzyna Kowalik

(e)Learning Thought Leader, Independent Expert, Poland

OEB speaker Edoardo Binda Zane

Edoardo Binda Zane

Trainer, EBZ Coaching, Germany


OEB speaker Ilona Buchem

Ilona Buchem

Professor of Media and Communication, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany

The Role of Education in the AI Age: Preparing for a Technologically-driven Future, Anja C. Wagner

Why Artificial Intelligence Won't Revolutionise Learning, Katarzyna Kowalik

The Competitive Advantage of Creativity as a 21st Century Skill, Edoardo Binda Zane