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Learning Theory & Generative AI: live podcast recording featuring Donald Clark & John Helmer

Date Thursday, Nov 23  Time   –   

The 'Great Minds on Learning' podcast returns to OEB for a second year, with a live recording of the ultimate episode of Season 5. 

The podcast has been widely acclaimed for its engaging approach in explaining 2,500 years of learning theory. In each episode Donald Clark, described by one listener as 'a proper expert, fountain of knowledge, and excellent communicator on all things learning', joins John Helmer to discuss a group of 'great minds'. 

Participants will encounter key theorists on education and learning, enrich their understanding of learning theory's history and context, and appreciate the contribution of adjacent fields of study. They will gain insights and practical advice from learning's top theorists that they can apply in their daily practice and expand their knowledge of the deep theory of their practice area.

OEB speaker John Helmer

John Helmer

Showrunner & Host, The Learning Hack podcast, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Donald Clark

Donald Clark

eLearning Expert and Strategist, Plan B Learning, United Kingdom