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Pre-Conference Workshop M5

M5 - The Blended Learning Design Game

Date Wednesday, Nov 22  Time   –    Room Chess   Price: 90.00 €   Status: fully booked

OEB speaker Patrick van Aalst

Patrick van Aalst

Educational Consultant, NHL Stenden, Netherlands

OEB speaker Margreeth Themmen

Margreeth Themmen

Consultant, NHL Stenden, Netherlands

This workshop is created to help teams (re)design their curricula through “The Blended Learning Design Game”, an effective and fun way for faculty to rapidly prototype designs for blended learning programs.

Using a given learning outcome as a starting point, you will work backwards to connect teaching and learning activities in different modalities (such as online, on-site, workplace, independent study).

The blended design prototype includes a wide range of learning activities, their resulting products, and many methods to assess the students’ learning, their products and process. This methodology is based on principles of blended learning, design thinking and on Diana Lourillards’ Conversational Framework (2002).

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a better understanding of blended learning
  • Explore a wide range of teaching, learning, and assessment methods
  • Design blended learning programs by yourself or in groups.


Educational Consultants, Learning Designers, Teachers.

If you want to design strong and holistic blended learning programs by quickly visualising learning paths, co-creating and fast prototyping, this workshop is for you!