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It’s L&D’s moment – but are we ready?

Date Friday, Nov 24  Time   –   

It’s time for Learning and Development (L&D) to shine. Business is more focus than ever on skills and performance, and executives now realise the value of people. But do they understand L&D’s role in creating a future-ready workforce? And are L&D professionals ready and able to fulfil that role?
In this workplace learning plenary, we’ll explore how L&D can move beyond training excellence to long-term impact. How can we build a multi-generational workforce that is ready and able to continually develop, in line with both corporate objectives and personal aspirations, with all of this tied to improving performance?
In dialogue with each other and with the audience, Our speakers will explore how L&D can make the most of this moment – from building a culture of learning to working closely with executives and managers to hard-wire organisational capability into an organisation.

Our Keynote Speakers at this plenary will include:

OEB speaker Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Chief Learning Officer, Novartis, Switzerland

OEB speaker Christina Bösenberg

Christina Bösenberg

Managing Director, BCG Brighthouse, Germany


OEB speaker Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor

Chair, Learning Technologies, United Kingdom