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Exhibition Seminar

Gamified Learning: Engage your Learners with Gamification

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Tegel

Do you want to learn from the Finns how you can use gamification in any learning environment? Engagement and motivation are the key elements in corporate and school learning!

In this session, Katerina and Jelle from Seppo will show you how gamification transforms learning and turns it into an exciting experience that will leave a memory mark that will last forever. They will introduce you to the secrets of gamification and show you how to design trainings your learners will actually enjoy!


  • Why gamification works.
  • How you can gamify any learning.
  • Tons of inspiring ideas, which have been collected from L&D managers, teachers, and HR specialists.

OEB speaker Katerina Eskelinen

Katerina Eskelinen

Head of Corporate Sales,, Finland

OEB speaker Jelle Kabbes

Jelle Kabbes

Commercial Director, Seppo, Netherlands