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22 – 24, 2023

Presentation Panel

Embracing AI to Automatically Create Student-Centred Curricula

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Koepenick I/II

The skills demanded by the labor market are changing fast and more personal skill-sets such as soft skills are expected to play a key role in the near future. How can learning content creators efficiently create learning pathways for 21st Century skills that consider individual learning preferences and objectives? This is where AI is about to become a teacher’s best friend. Hear how it works from speakers that already dived deep into these issues and are looking forward to scale and improve their systems with global peers.

OEB speaker Ajit Gopalakrishnan

Ajit Gopalakrishnan

Head of Odin Education, Jendamark (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

OEB speaker Gábor Kismihók

Gábor Kismihók

Head of the Learning and Skill Analytics Research Group, TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, Germany


OEB speaker Vesa Paajanen

Vesa Paajanen

Senior Lecturer, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Discover the Child - Improving the Human Experience with the Support of AI, Ajit Gopalakrishnan

Human-AI Based Technologies Toward the Future of Personalised Education, Gábor Kismihók