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22 – 24, 2023

Boardroom Dialogue

Data-driven Learning for Organisational Success

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Bishop

Does knowledge automatically translate to success? The answer, unfortunately, is no. But data does! Data is key to supporting your decisions about learning programs. Data analysis and Big Data literally help us understand how to plan, structure, and carry out effective learning for our target audience.

At SolarEdge, we constantly monitor learning behavior and field challenges to improve efficiency because we want our customers to succeed.

How are we doing it and what can you get out of this Boardroom Dialogue?

  • Learn how real-time data supports decision-making and improves business and training deliverables.
  • Discover how data can create highly personalized learning experiences.
  • Explore how data promotes internal training efforts and keeps training relevant and important, even to the CEO.
  • Delve into useful tools, platforms, and sources for gathering learning data.

Join us for an open dialog about data-centric learning strategies, supported by learning methods and dashboards.

OEB speaker Moti Elnekave

Moti Elnekave

Director, Head of Customer Training and Sales, SolarEdge Technologies, Israel