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27 – 29, 2024

Discussion Panel

Where Does the Money Go? Venture Capital and the Future of Learning

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Koepenick I/II

EdTech Venture Capital reached 3x pre-pandemic investment levels in 2021 and the sector shows no signs of slowing down. This Discussion Panel offers insights into market trends, technologies and approaches that are securing funding today and may come to shape the future of learning. Hear directly from education investors about the innovations they have backed and why.

We will cover a variety of topics relevant to founders, funders and those operating in the ecosystem, including what links the businesses securing equity funding, how they are transforming learning in the sector, the current trends in educational technology venture capital and which areas have greatest potential and need for development.

Questions answered in this panel will include: How many more innovations and solutions are required to address learner and job seeker needs? Does the innovation in the sector shows any signs of slowing down?


  • Explore what innovations have secured equity funding and the impact they are having on learners.
  • Gain insight into what innovations hold the biggest potential for scale and future investment.
  • Reflect upon what this means for learners, educators, and the future of education.

OEB speaker Peter Fagerström

Peter Fagerström

Founder & Executive Chairman, Educraftor, Finland

OEB speaker Kai Talas

Kai Talas

Partner,, Finland

OEB speaker Nick Kind

Nick Kind

Managing Director, Tyton Partners

OEB speaker Hannes Aichmayr

Hannes Aichmayr

Associate, Brighteye Ventures

OEB speaker Helen Gironi

Helen Gironi

Director of Ventures, Ufi Ventures, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Maria Spies

Maria Spies

Co-CEO, HolonIQ, Australia