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22 – 24, 2023

Learning Café

Driving Smarter Business Impact – Start-up Tips for Corporate L&D

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Check

Business start-ups have a unique set of challenges when it comes to L&D – or do they? Many have an all hands on deck approach to business, strong entrepreneurial leaders create high octane environments designed to disrupt, innovate and digitise. This presents a number of challenges for those involved in building skills and developing talent. Challenges that are shared by many in corporate L&D. 

How do we align learning to support fast paced business changes? How do we build a positive learning culture? How do we equip leaders and line managers for the future?

In this fun and interactive Learning Café, we will consider the strategies of high performing learning teams and combine them with the innovative approaches of start up companies. Join us to combine our collective wisdom. We will explore creative ways to :

  • Let digital take the strain.
  • Tap into purpose and values.
  • Tackle the management challenge.
  • Co-create value in rapidly changing environments.

OEB speaker Laura Overton

Laura Overton

CEO, International Speaker, Analyst, Facilitator, Emerging Stronger, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Dinye Hernanda

Dinye Hernanda

Senior Learning and Development Manager, HEYJOBS, Germany