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Discussion Panel

The Future of Education: Reimagined

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg III

As educators, we know that the recent upheaval of a once well-established “normal” exposed gaps and injustices and provoked reflection in higher education. Individual and collective resiliencies were tested in ways—and at a pace—we could have never imagined. So, what does the future of education look like? 

Only one thing is certain: institutions will need to break down barriers for all learners in order to provide richly personalised and accessible learning experiences. This requires a reimagining of our pedagogical—and technological—approaches. 

How can institutions adapt to changing student needs to support enrolment and retention while budgets continue to shrink? And how can accessible data be turned into actionable data that supports faculty and students? Join D2L's Discussion Panel for a powerful and interactive discussion on trends and modalities, data and analytics, and strategies to help you better prepare for the future of education. 

OEB speaker Rob Telfer

Rob Telfer

Director of Higher Education, D2L, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Michelle Olmstead

Michelle Olmstead

Director, Leiden University, Learning and Innovation Centre, Netherlands

OEB speaker Sam Tanner

Sam Tanner

Head of Flexible & Work-Integrated Learning, NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY, United Kingdom