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Spotlight Talk

MetaEducation, the New Vision for Human Transformation

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Pavillon

In this Spotlight Talk, Carlos Ochoa will share the evolution from distance learning to MetaEducation and the new future Collaboration Scenarios. He will present some case studies of immersive learning environments and the value for the community, and the impact of the technology on the education ecosystem, including the new role of teachers and students. He will also share some real experiences on how the World of Senses (with emotions and perceptions) connects with the magical context of Micro Universes.

Join this talk to jump into the future, augmenting education to the next level of the Augmented Society and learn to fly together!

Throughout the session, Carlos Ochoa will analyse the technological paradigm that humans will face in the next coming years, surrounded by intelligent robots, replicants, avatars, and unknown virtual worlds in a hyper-connected environment. A place where the borders between teaching and learning are getting thinner. An unbridled industry that rides freely along the paths of imagination, without barriers or limits... without a set course.

Regulation, transparency, safety, and ethics for meta-humans are a challenge for future generations.

In times of complex fragility and meta-paranoia, we must remain calm and seriously reflect on the assault of the virtual worlds on the real world and the impact on the education of people at all levels.

And for this, nothing better than meeting and discussing freely and democratically how we want this future world to be, more sustainable, green, humanely egalitarian, and democratic. Values that must prevail above all.

We have a great challenge ahead of us, we must care for and educate the new generations and provide them with real solutions to solve the real problems of our society.

This is quite challenging, at a time when everything is trivialized and oversimplified, where the pillars of today's society are shaking in a truly worrying way.

We are facing exciting and challenging times, where we must set rules, or do we let it run free, with all its consequences? 


  • What is MetaEducation? Why is Augmented Education so relevant for the next generation?
  • Acceleration versus Transformation: why is acceleration a key process in MetaEducation?
  • Future Scenarios and Opportunities. How to create magical worlds with high impact and high student engagement. The time for action is NOW. What are the Next Steps?

OEB speaker Carlos J. Ochoa Fernández

Carlos J. Ochoa Fernández

Co-Chair Education Committee / Founder and CEO, VRAR Association / ONE Digital Consulting, Spain


OEB speaker Ildiko Mazar

Ildiko Mazar

European Digital Credentials for Learning Implementation Support, NTT Data, Spain