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22 – 24, 2023

Pre-Conference Workshop A7

Accelerating Digital Education

Date Wednesday, Nov 23  Time   –    Room Tiergarten I/II/III   Price: free of charge   Status: places available

Workshop leader

OEB speaker Peter Fagerström

Peter Fagerström

Founder & Executive Chairman, Educraftor, Finland


OEB speaker Angela Jafarova

Angela Jafarova

Head of Coding School, Datorium, Latvia

OEB speaker Kaido Reivelt

Kaido Reivelt

PhD Co-founder & Head of Instructional Design, Praktikal, Estonia

OEB speaker Omari Loid

Omari Loid

Co-Founder & CEO, Praktikal, Estonia

OEB speaker Maria Rahamägi

Maria Rahamägi

CEO & Founder, Edumus Education OÜ, Estonia

This pre-conference event will introduce the European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) and its Accelerator Program: what are they for, who are they serving and how, and what is the desired impact of these initiatives in different sectors of education.

Together with European Schoolnet, Educraftor is designing and implementing the accelerator program, and supporting the selected innovative solutions to be tested and scaled across Europe.

The Accelerator Program is equity-free and designed to serve all education sectors and invites innovations also from an early stage of development, enabling a grassroots level innovation in education.

The first cohort will run from October to December 2022 and will be around the following themes:

  • Underserved and vulnerable groups
  • Engagement in (digital) education
  • 21st Century skills

These themes aim to address SDGs 4 and 17 and provide forward-looking solutions to improve sustainability in a wider/holistic view.


  • Get a hands-on experience of the most recently developed digital education solutions.
  • Learn to give feedback so that there will be a positive effect in which direction the prototypes will be further developed.
  • Learn to empathise with your own learning community and learning environment and to envision such a prototype being used (or not) by your respective community members; why, how, what.


After introducing the European Digital Education Hub and the Accelerator Program, the audience will have the possibility to both hear and see, and also experience or "play with" 2–3 selected prototypes (“best in class”) from the programme.

In this way, the session will be interactive:

  • Serving the prototypes, who will get useful feedback from the live audience (this will be set up as an easy-to-do process)
  • Serving the audience, who will get a hands-on experience of the most recently developed digital education solutions and who will also have the possibility to effect in which direction they will be further developed.

We will set this up as an easy-to-do process and design the interactive points and focus, so that the interaction and learning will be meaningful for both parties.


Different stakeholders in education: educators, researchers, innovators, leadership, investors; addressing all education sectors since the EDEH is designed to support all education sectors.

Level: intermediate