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Discussion Panel

World-Class Public Education? Interoperability is Key!

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Check

If your university is part of an regional, national or international consortium or an alliance, this is a session that you do not want to miss. Our panel will give insight into one of the key challenges HE leadership and ICT teams are facing today - and why this matters for every faculty member and student using a digital platform, tool or solution. Experts will discuss the challenge of implementing interoperability: the ability of different ICT systems from different organisations to exchange data.

We are spending a great amount of resources for instance to ensure a secure transfer of student data, access to learning resources and teaching tools, and products and services from providers. These are just some of the applications of interoperability in education. If implementation is an issue, our work will not only be effected on a practical level though. Our institutions are impacted financially, and Education is too, at a fundamental, ethical level.


In this session you will get a sneak preview of a map and blueprint of our current complex international digital education ecosystem and you will learn about:

  • An unsolved interoperability use case with a big impact on faculty and students.
  • Why the implementation of interoperability in HE is lagging and why some use cases are difficult to solve.
  • What policy makers and other stakeholders are currently doing to move interoperability forward.
  • Who you will need to involve to address (future) interoperability challenges at and beyond your institution.

OEB speaker Ulrike Wild

Ulrike Wild

Programme Director Educational Innovation, Wageningen University&Research, Netherlands

OEB speaker Oraz Myradov

Oraz Myradov

Executive Committee of the European Students Union, European Students Union, Germany

OEB speaker Evelien Renders

Evelien Renders

Adviser International Education, SURF, Netherlands


OEB speaker Channa van der Brug

Channa van der Brug

International Affairs Programme Manager, Hochschulforum Digitalisierung for Stifterverband, Germany