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Using Data To Make A Convincing Case for The Impact of Learning

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg III

Data-supported decision making is only possible when the goals, KPI’s and metrics are set in advance, understood and communicated. As L&D should continue playing a more and more strategic role in companies, measuring and presenting the results of programmes is crucial and leads the way to ‘sit at the table’ together with the decision makers and leadership.

In this session we will discuss how to measure L&D programmes, which metrics, measurements and KPI’s to use in order to be able to measure the impact of the programme and its outcomes. And we will largely discount most of the data gathered operationally in L&D, such as engagement, satisfaction and completion rates.

We will also discuss engaging with, and convincing, internal stakeholders, with a visual representation of your data.

OEB speaker Ben Gallacher

Ben Gallacher

Founder, inrehearsal, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Avi Snir

Avi Snir

CEO, Elevation, Israel


OEB speaker Philippe Seynaeve

Philippe Seynaeve

Implementation and Change Manager, CIBG/CIRB (Brussels Regional Informatics Centre), Belgium

Data Driven L&D: "Sitting at the Table" with Data and Metrics, Avi Snir

Hard to Watch: The Uncomfortable Truth about Engagement Data, Ben Gallacher