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22 – 24, 2023

Presentation Panel

Running the L&D Department Like A Business

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg II

Once it was possible to run a training department separately from the organisation, receiving requests for courses, preparing and then delivering them. That doesn’t work anymore. Not only is the range of demands on L&D wider, and time shorter, but to perform well, L&D needs to be deeply aware of the organisation it’s serving.

And that means running L&D with the same disciplines and skills as a business. In this session we look at three key parts to this: gaining real, authentic stakeholder engagement; understanding the metrics that matter to the business (and delivering against them) and providing your department with a flexible way of developing content and supporting it, using SMEs. Join us to pick up on top tips for a high-performing L&D department.

OEB speaker Anastasiya Padvishenskaya

Anastasiya Padvishenskaya

L&D Manager, EPAM Systems

OEB speaker Felix Kaus

Felix Kaus

Business Development Manager Learning Experience DACH, Barco, Germany

OEB speaker Avi Snir

Avi Snir

CEO, Elevation, Israel

OEB speaker Rebekah Clarke

Rebekah Clarke

Chief Learning Strategist, Holman/Clarke Group, United States of America


OEB speaker Bert De Coutere

Bert De Coutere

IP & Innovation Lead, Center for Creative Leadership , Belgium

The Black and White of Authentic Stakeholder Engagement, Rebekah Clarke

Elastic L&D: Integrating SMEs Into Your Learning Ecosystem, Irina Kureichyk

Moving L&D from Spending Money to Saving Money for the Organisation, Avi Snir

The Future of Business Education – How To Enable Flexible Learning, Felix Kaus