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22 – 24, 2023

Presentation Panel

Building an Inclusive Learning Culture for Personal and Organisational Growth

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –   

Without the right learning culture, nothing is possible. But how do you influence it? In this session, our panel explore different aspects of learning culture.

They will look at how to help employees develop a new understanding of learning in their everyday working lives, and to take control of it, but also examine the importance of equity and inclusivity as part of a learning culture. And the panel will also look at how organisations can draw on their strengths to build a growth learning culture.

OEB speaker Jef Staes

Jef Staes

Architect Learning & Innovative Organizations, Red Monkey Company, Belgium

OEB speaker Yanay Zaguri

Yanay Zaguri

AVP Organizational Growth, AppsFlyer, Israel

OEB speaker Moritz Ettl

Moritz Ettl

Founder & CEO, Forever Day One (4ed1 GmbH), Germany


OEB speaker Laura Overton

Laura Overton

Analyst - Explorer - Writer - Facilitator, Learning Changemakers, United Kingdom

Valuable@Work, Jef Staes

5 Principles for Growth Learning Culture - Our Case Study, Yanay Zaguri

Next Level Learning Organisation - The Prerequisites for Successful Business Transformation in the 21st Century, Moritz Ettl