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22 – 24, 2023

How To

Fieldlab 'Evidence-Informed Innovation in Higher Education': Practical Steps to Grounded Educational Change

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –   

In this How To session, participants will learn about the steps that lead to evidence informed innovation and are offered an approach to help initiate this way of working in their own institutions.

Evidence-informed practice can be of great value for teachers and other people involved in change and innovation in higher education. Although good examples do exist, a lot of changes made in the teaching practice are based on gut-feeling and personal preferences.

In this How To session we introduce our ‘Fieldlab Evidence-informed innovation’: a, free to use, bottom-up and step-by-step approach for evidence-informed practice for education professionals who want to make grounded changes to their courses. 

We will present our 8-step approach, and elaborate on the effects found in our first evaluations. Furthermore participants are invited to experiment with our approach, using a real life case from the field of higher education, and see if the product is suited for their institution as well.


  • Learn the importance of evidence informed innovation in Higher Education
  • Familiarise yourself with the concept of a fieldlab that can help you make grounded decisions about education change in 8 steps.
  • Decide if the fieldlab provides opportunities for continuous professional development in your institution.

OEB speaker Haye Jukema

Haye Jukema

Senior Education Advisor, Hanze UAS Groningen / Acceleration Plan Educational Innovation with ICT, Netherlands