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22 – 24, 2023

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Transforming Training Using Agile Design and Peer-to-Peer Support

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Knight

When the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK reorganised, many departments got new missions. Old school linear radio and tv professionals suddenly had to deliver world-class digital content for an inpatient audience using mobile phones. New durable and perishable skills had to be learned, and old habits, roles and workflows had to be left behind.

How did we help people navigate this change successfully? By designing group learning in, or close to, workflows, using agile methods and peer learning for four to twelve weeks.

In two years, we scaled this to 200 employees in 25 different groups/programmes without using any classroom training. Everyone got to learn at their own pace as they experienced best practice, created content themselves, and got feedback from each other. 

Join us to hear the story of how we did this, what outcomes the projects had and share some practices that we believe would foster learning culture in any organisation.


  • How to map, motivate and organize for peer learning.
  • How to help foster psychological safety in groups.
  • How to use simple agile rituals to strengthen learning.
  • How to use OKRs in learning programs

OEB speaker Andreas Bugge Grimsæth

Andreas Bugge Grimsæth

Learning Business Partner, Schibsted, Norway